About FramerX

Framer has officially announced its launch of FramerX which will be rolled out starting August 1st 2018. FramerX is completely new tool and has very little to do with the current version of Framer. Here's an overview of what's changing so you can decide if you would like to attend this workshop.

  • FramerX will allow designers to use pre-made React components in design. Think of React components as tiny prototypes themselves which can be interacted with and can be paired with some logic.
  • FramerX will not have the code tab anymore. Which means, as designers you might have very little to do with code, unless to you choose to build custom components.
  • If you choose to build custom components, your programming language will be ES6 or Typescript, which is different in syntax from Coffeescript ( used by current Framer ). However, the programming fundamentals are the same.

So why should you learn this framer?

  • Framer library itself is open source and free to use forever. So if you like what you can build with this library, there's no other tool out there that lets you prototype with this much capabilities.
  • If you believe in building something larger than what's already made and basic programming is not going to stop you from doing it, learning framer or programming in general is definitely super useful.
  • You can take this opportunity to learn to code as designer and build something fun. Imagine giving life to your ideas with very little effort.
  • This is my favorite one so far : You can showcase your prototypes as if they were real applications on your website using embeds. Try this prototype from this example to get an idea.

PS. Everything written above are purely my interpretations from the information shared on the framer group and other sources. By no means do I have any special collaboration with Framer to attest to the above information.